Vintage EBS Fafner (I) 3U Rack-mount, 600-watt, Class A, Tube-Armed Bass Head, Never gigged. The EBS Fafner Bass Head is geared towards the discriminating sound-conscious Bass player who is looking for a crunchy, powerful and authentic, timeless tube sound with a mighty punch. EBS Bass products are the choice of rock professionals the world over.

141 likes · 1 talking about this. Welcome to my promotion Facebook page. NEW: I launched my Youtube channel - EBS Portugal. 246 likes. Everyone deserves a great bass sound! Dec 10, 2015 The three 'premium' rack mounted heads – EBS Fafner II, TD660 and HD360 – are entirely made More info about this feature in the manual.

Ebs fafner schematic

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I used the amp with 8ohm and 4 ohm cabs, but it goes as low as 2ohms. The amp is in very good used condition. EBS Artist Dave Marks take you through the TD 660 bass amp. For complimentary details on how to operate the EQ section, see the HD 360 tutorial video that fe perfect for slap, but the sound o doi rest provided by a large qualité.certain ke ebs think is cool, for my part I tried the preamp has a Fafner kia lamp and I find the HD350 warmer .. .

Using 1/4 TRS to  Zesilovač EBS FAFNER TD 600 je robustní, s celokovovým šasí o výšce 3HE (3U ), vyplněným „Tube Armed“ zesilovačem s koncovou technologií na bázi mosfet  EBS Fafner II Bass Head · ecw Press--Rick Rubin: In The Studio · Eiosis e2 deesser · Eisenberg Audio VIER Software Synth · eJay HipHop6 Virtual Music Studio  Sep 7, 2007 The Owner's Manual for the Titan V12 is very well written, and provides Eden WT1205 World Tour Bass Amp; EBS Fafner Bass Head; Aguilar  3. Front Panel Controls. 4.

EBS Fafner är den mest kompletta, kraftfulla och flexibla basstopp som någonsin har tillverkats. Med inbyggd rörsektion, superaktiva filter och det klassiska EBS ljudet, erbjuder EBS Fafner en mängd möjligheter, som beskrivs i denna manual. Men först av allt följer en introduktion som hjälper dig att bli bekant EBS Fafner. ATT KOMMA

Equipped with an accelerated MOSFET power amp, it delivers an awesome 600W of clear articulate sound. The EBS Fafner II is a Dual Channel Bass amp that is a real moster that produces raw, pure tone, and is extremely powerful. The EBS Fafner II uses a two channel preamp.

Ebs fafner schematic

3.1.3 Identifi cation of ECO Tronic EBS ports 24 and fi xing - Main Modulator - Additional Modulator 3.1.4 Painting - protected areas 26 3.1.5 Mounting 27 3.2. Electrical wiring 3.2.1 Wiring schematic 28 3.2.2 Wiring diagram 29 3.2.3 Auxiliary equipment wiring 30 3.2.4 General installation recommendations 31 - cabling

The power amplifier appears to be fried. Since no schematics are available, I'm trying to reverse-engineer the relevant sections to identify the broken- and suspect components. The speaker leads had -48V DC on them (that's half the supply voltage!) and one diode seems to have exploded. EBS’s effect pedals are designed to meet the challenges created by the bass guitars’ unique frequency range. By design, they preserve the bottom of Your sound.

EBS Fafner är den mest kompletta, kraftfulla och flexibla basstopp som någonsin har tillverkats.
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Ebs fafner schematic

Wiring Schematic. 63. ISO 7638 Socket Assembly. 63. ISO 7638 5-Pin.

With two separate channels, extensive routing possibilities, built in compressor, tube section, dual balanced outputs and super powerful EQ sections, the amp offers an extremely wide range of sound possibilities. EBS Fafner II XD 1.
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EBS Remote Footswitch for EBS Fafner II, TD660, HD360 and EBS NeoGorm combos. Controls Dri 795 kr. EBS. HP-10 Flat Patch Cable Black Gold 10 cm.

Even with the informations given in the manual I can't really get my head around Mod (Mike Fortin) EVH 5150 III Peavey JSX Ampeg B2R EBS Fafner XD 750. All Things Gretsch. 1967 Gretsch 6157 Super Bass Amplifier. EBS Fafner, my dream bass amp. Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars.